Swing dance recordings, University Jazz Band #1 (big band)

Title Type of recording
Let the Good Times Roll
vocal, live
Hey Ba Ba Rebop vocal, studio
You Dyed Your Hair Chartreuse vocal, live
Zoot Suit Riot instrumental, studio
Route 66 instrumental, studio


Concert recordingsUniversity Jazz Band #1 (big band)

Title Original Performer Description Type of Recording
Grass is Greener Adam Bartczak Hip-hop and more live
I'm Gonna Live Until I Die Sarah Vaughan mm=340! studio
Point of Impact  Matt Harris  straight ahead studio
Moanin' (excerpt) Charles Mingus raucous swing live
Misterioso (excerpt) Thelonious Monk   live
Amlak Abet Abet (excerpt) Tishome Sissay Ethiopian pop from the Either/Orchestra live

Musically Incorrect Medley

1. Also Sprach Zarathustra; 

2. Enter Sandman


1. Richard Strauss


2.  Metallica

As recorded on Pat Boone's In a Metal Mood live


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Cal Poly Jazz Combo
Selections of Performances by the Cal Poly Jazz Combos (MP3 format)

Title Original Performer Description Type of Recording
Jig-A-Jug Joshua Redman   studio
Never Will I Marry Frank Loesser Nancy Wilson and Cannonball Adderly(with vocailst) studio


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